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Lovingly Caring for Your Dog

A Bit of Country K9 Kennel is a premier boarding facility. We are located in Nixa, Missouri and have indoor/outdoor shaded runs and bunk rooms. The indoor/outdoor shaded runs have a big screen TV with doggie movies and animal shows. For the more private and laid back guests, there are bunk rooms with TV's, comfortable beds, blankets, and pillows. The kennel has large grassy exercise yards where each guest can enjoy a lot of individual exercise and playtime free of charge.


Meet Cathie and Ken Lovell

A Bit of Country K9 Kennel is owned and operated by Cathie and Ken Lovell. Ken is a retired police officer who served with the canine unit. He loves dogs and cherishes the opportunity to care for them full-time.

Cathie got her first dog when she was five years old and has never been without a faithful friend since. Her parents made her board her dog at the nearest kennel to their home. That kennel wouldn't let Cathie go back where her dog was going to stay and that caused Cathie to worry about what was happening to her dog and where it was staying the whole time she was gone.


Now, A Bit of Country K9 Kennel is proud to advertise: "We let you see what goes on behind our doors." Cathie and Ken think it is very important that, wherever you board your dog, you see where he or she will be staying. They also think it is important for the family to put their fur baby in their run or room when they arrive because it makes their dog feel more comfortable.

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